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Up-and-coming British bonbon Imogen Poots proves pleasing to the palette in the recent remake of the 1980s horror classic Fright Night, playing the hero’s way-out-of-his-league love interest (not to mention a target for pointy-toothed villain Colin Farrell to add to his stable of vampy Vamps), going so far as to strip down to some lacy black underwear in anticipation of some all-is-well post-action lovin’ once the bad guy is dusted

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Rachel Miner is certainly no slouch when it comes to acting ability, playing the tot version of Mia Farrow’s character in the Woody Allen feature Alice (1990) at age ten and followed it up with a five-season stint on the long-running hit soap opera The Guiding Light. From 1998 to 2000 Rachel was married to fellow child thespian Macauley Culkin, which may have helped her career, since she later took

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